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Facebook now letting you save your favorite character polls

Jul 22 • 194 Views • No Comments

Yesterday, Facebook announced its new Save feature. Save allows you to keep all the interesting content you see on your news feed for exploring at a later time. You...


Facebook Reminding Famous People They Are Famous

It is about that time friends and fam, that Facebook rolls out yet another new app. Mentions is Facebook’s newest app aimed towards...

Jul 17 • 242 Views

Happy Facebook Life

My Super Facebook Life

Social media, particularly Facebook, tends to create a few unintentional and unexpected emotions in people these days.  People love to...

Jun 25 • 688 Views

Twitter Twitter


Social media campaign aimed to promote coexistence of Jews & Arabs

Jul 24 • 180 Views • No Comments

American university students Abraham Gutman, a Jewish Israeli, and Dania Darwish, a Muslim, decided to create a campaign to show that tolerance and coexistence is...


#AskHillary on Twitter Today

Hillary Clinton is visiting the Twitter headquarters today to talk about her career, her passions and how she uses...

Jul 21 • 219 Views


Awkward Breakups Get MORE Awkward on Social Media

Jimmy Fallon is at it again.   The king of late night television and perhaps more importantly, the king of late...

Jul 21 • 481 Views

Instagram Instagram


The TSA is on Instagram, and now I’m scared to travel.

Jul 9 • 369 Views • No Comments

About a year ago, the Transportation Security Administration (better known as TSA) joined Instagram.  They also have a blog and a Twitter account – @TSA! The...


Traveling Instagrammer Dreams Big, Does Well and Goes Far

Dallas-based director/photographer Brian Braun is taking Instagram by storm. Not only is he popular because of his dashing good looks...

Jul 8 • 723 Views

Pinterest Pinterest


Pinterest Trusts Me. Big Mistake.

Jul 5 • 554 Views • No Comments

I feel like the prettiest belle at the ball. Of all the users, in all the social networks, in all the Internet, Pinterest chose me to test their new feature. Me! They...


A Pinterest for Christians: Godinterest

There’s a Pinterest copycat out there but it has a religious slant and a less catchy name: Godinterest.   If you...

May 27 • 545 Views