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I’m on board with the new Facebook Safety Check

Oct 16 • 501 Views • No Comments

I live in Texas, but I have family in California, Maryland, Virginia, Alabama and Louisiana, not to mention family members who travel abroad frequently and regularly....


Are You Ready for Facebook Atlas?

Facebook is about to debut a new advertising platform called Atlas. They plan to announce it in New York next week at Advertising Week,...

Sep 23 • 624 Views


Introducing Facebook Media

Today, Facebook introduced Facebook Media to showcase how media, public figures and organizations are using Facebook to connect with their...

Sep 16 • 534 Views

Twitter Twitter


Chevrolet & MLB do something special on Twitter

Oct 17 • 356 Views • No Comments

Over a period of four hours last Friday, Chevrolet shut down its Twitter page and allowed only Major League Baseball’s Twitter followers access to a special social...


#HalloweenFail with Jimmy Fallon

It’s almost Halloween. Have you chosen your costume? Made plans? Bought candy? Halloween is a fun time of year and a...

Oct 17 • 393 Views


The French can now Transfer Money via Tweets

The race is on for social media payment services through mobile phones or apps; Instagram has had some direct buy...

Oct 13 • 230 Views

Instagram Instagram


Just Kidding | Chanel Decided to Start Instagramming

Oct 15 • 336 Views • No Comments

In my previous article, I talked about two major fashion houses, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent Paris, and how they are forgoing using one of the most visual platforms...


Target’s Virtual Trick-or-Treating on Instagram

Target is in the mood for Halloween, and they want to celebrate with their customers everywhere …. through Instagram.  30 DIY recipes...

Oct 14 • 426 Views

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Pinterest Messages

New Messaging Feature on Pinterest

Aug 12 • 433 Views • No Comments

There’s no denying it: I’m basic. I’m fully prepared to point the finger of blame at Pinterest for it, too. They’re so on top of their UX game that the...


Pinterest Trusts Me. Big Mistake.

I feel like the prettiest belle at the ball. Of all the users, in all the social networks, in all the Internet,...

Jul 5 • 908 Views