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Introducing Facebook Rooms

Oct 23 • 185 Views • No Comments

Facebook is bringing back message boards. Well, kind of. Today, Facebook introduced a new app called Rooms, from Facebook Creative Labs. Rooms lets you create places for...


I’m on board with the new Facebook Safety Check

I live in Texas, but I have family in California, Maryland, Virginia, Alabama and Louisiana, not to mention family members who travel...

Oct 16 • 523 Views


Are You Ready for Facebook Atlas?

Facebook is about to debut a new advertising platform called Atlas. They plan to announce it in New York next week at Advertising Week,...

Sep 23 • 632 Views

Twitter Twitter


Chevrolet & MLB do something special on Twitter

Oct 17 • 375 Views • No Comments

Over a period of four hours last Friday, Chevrolet shut down its Twitter page and allowed only Major League Baseball’s Twitter followers access to a special social...


#HalloweenFail with Jimmy Fallon

It’s almost Halloween. Have you chosen your costume? Made plans? Bought candy? Halloween is a fun time of year and a...

Oct 17 • 403 Views


The French can now Transfer Money via Tweets

The race is on for social media payment services through mobile phones or apps; Instagram has had some direct buy...

Oct 13 • 231 Views

Instagram Instagram


Just Kidding | Chanel Decided to Start Instagramming

Oct 15 • 339 Views • No Comments

In my previous article, I talked about two major fashion houses, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent Paris, and how they are forgoing using one of the most visual platforms...


Target’s Virtual Trick-or-Treating on Instagram

Target is in the mood for Halloween, and they want to celebrate with their customers everywhere …. through Instagram.  30 DIY recipes...

Oct 14 • 431 Views

Pinterest Pinterest

Pinterest Messages

New Messaging Feature on Pinterest

Aug 12 • 435 Views • No Comments

There’s no denying it: I’m basic. I’m fully prepared to point the finger of blame at Pinterest for it, too. They’re so on top of their UX game that the...


Pinterest Trusts Me. Big Mistake.

I feel like the prettiest belle at the ball. Of all the users, in all the social networks, in all the Internet,...

Jul 5 • 910 Views