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Facebook Rolls out New Video Ad Features

Jul 29 • 533 Views • No Comments

The long anticipated changes to Facebook video have arrived, and they’re pretty impressive. The new video advertising capabilities allow you to optimize your video...


Taking Facebook Ads to the Next Level

It’s clichéd to repeat it, but social media has changed the world of advertising. Facebook, undoubtedly the leader of this change, is in...

Jul 25 • 502 Views


Facebook now letting you save your favorite character polls

Yesterday, Facebook announced its new Save feature. Save allows you to keep all the interesting content you see on your news feed...

Jul 22 • 319 Views

Twitter Twitter


Miller Lite Utilizes User-Generated Social Media Content for TV

Aug 18 • 291 Views • No Comments

3 months ago, Miller Lite started their #ItsMillerTime social campaign, asking their followers and fans through social media sites to share summer photos featuring their...


Oreo Shows the Sweet Side of Social

Complementary to “Mel’s Mini Mini Mart” video released by Oreo in late June, which described a unique little...

Aug 15 • 436 Views


The Power of Hashtags and Jimmy Fallon

There’s no doubt that Jimmy Fallon knows how to use social media to promote his brand. With almost 40 million...

Aug 14 • 420 Views

Instagram Instagram


Exploring the World with Instagram and Herschel Supply

Aug 15 • 305 Views • No Comments

Ah, Instagram- it’s the perfect place to show your best duck face, your vacation photos, or what you’re having for lunch. So, how do you use it for marketing?...


A unique approach to Instagram Marketing with Talking Food

The English language is full of potential puns, especially when it comes to food. Laura Prouty, the brains behind @talkingfood on...

Aug 5 • 308 Views

Pinterest Pinterest

Pinterest Messages

New Messaging Feature on Pinterest

Aug 12 • 252 Views • No Comments

There’s no denying it: I’m basic. I’m fully prepared to point the finger of blame at Pinterest for it, too. They’re so on top of their UX game that the...


Pinterest Trusts Me. Big Mistake.

I feel like the prettiest belle at the ball. Of all the users, in all the social networks, in all the Internet,...

Jul 5 • 715 Views