• boston-strong

    One Year Later, “Boston Strong” Still Rings True – in Spirit and in...

    Apr 15 • 265 Views • No Comments

    The five major Boston sports teams – the NFL Patriots, NBA Celtics, MLB Red Sox, NHL Bruins and MLS Revolution – united today for a moment of commemoration and community one year after the tragic Boston Marathon bombing.   In a move of solidarity and...

  • checkup

    It’s That Time of Month

    Apr 15 • 207 Views • No Comments

    Can you imagine if a routine traffic stop included the cop checking your balls?  Canadian agency Grip Limited did. In two pro bono videos for Testicular Cancer Canada , the agency played up an uncomfortable moment by making it even more uncomfortable. And,...

  • france-email

    Drop the Shock: France Still Answers Emails

    Apr 11 • 237 Views • No Comments

    Many Americans’ initial reaction to the France’s latest workplace protection move is to dismiss it as silly or as a product of an overreaching nanny state. American news outlets and sites that repurpose content without fact-checking have not helped with...

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The Most-Liked Page on Facebook

Apr 2 • 187 Views • No Comments

The most-followed person on Facebook is … Shakira!   Post by Shakira.   Here’s a breakdown of the top 25 Facebook pages according to PageData.  ...


4 Times You Wish You had the Facebook ‘Save It’ Button

While nothing is official yet, it seems like Facebook is attempting to streamline their user experience by adding a “save it” button to...

Mar 28 • 288 Views


Facebook Fans Decide New Monopoly Rules

Do you have a big pile of Monopoly money in the center of your game board? Do you get to collect it when you land on Free Parking?  Did...

Mar 28 • 180 Views

Twitter Twitter


She Put a Plane Where? NSFW

Apr 14 • 859 Views • No Comments

Crisis management is a necessary evil in community management. You never know when you are going to come across the next pissed off customer or face one of the other...


@Fred_Delicious Discusses the American Airlines Twitter Troll

Twitter user Fred Delicious started a discussion on Twitter after the 14-year-old American Airlines Twitter terrorist...

Apr 14 • 154 Views


Your 15 Second Morning: CNN & Twitter Partner

Lately, just about every time I read a breaking news story on CNN, I see a sentence at the end of the story that says...

Apr 9 • 312 Views

Instagram Instagram


The Most Interesting Man on Instagram is also the Most Polarizing

Apr 1 • 709 Views • No Comments

BuzzFeed recently labeled Dan Bilzerian as being the “Most Interesting Man on Instagram.” And this is probably true … if Instagram were made up solely of men. This...


Instagram Hits 200 Million

Yesterday, Instagram announced they have reached over 200 million Instagrammers, with over 20 billion photos shared to date. Those are some...

Mar 26 • 166 Views

Pinterest Pinterest


Blurred Lines: What’s Acceptable Brand Promotion?

Apr 10 • 343 Views • No Comments

The Federal Trade Commission has made an example out of Cole Haan’s Pinterest contest, and it’s serving as a warning to marketers and brands everywhere.  ...


The Police are Pinning: Recover Stolen Property on Pinterest

Imagine having your house burglarized in 1983 and then 31 years later finding your missing jewelry on Pinterest? Sound...

Apr 7 • 400 Views