• battle-for-the-net

    US Tech Firms “Go Slow” to Protest Net Neutrality Rules

    Sep 9 • 405 Views • No Comments

    On September 10, some of the world’s largest tech firms – including KickStarter, FourSquare, Mozilla, Vimeo and Reddit, among others – are having a “go slow” day to protest the concept that some companies may be able to pay for “fast lanes” on...

  • adidas-predator

    Brand uses an Interactive Instagram Game to sell Cleats

    Aug 28 • 522 Views • No Comments

    Adidas Poland, in an attempt to appeal to its younger consumers on social media, has launched an interactive Instagram game. The campaign is designed to attract users to Adidas’ Predator soccer cleats.     To play the game, Instagram users...

  • ALS-ice-bucket-tom-cruise

    A Deeper Analysis of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    Aug 27 • 1509 Views • No Comments

    Social media is a prominent force in this day and age that is both necessary and essential for the success of a brand’s image. The ALS Association wouldn’t have been able to generate a much needed $79.7 million for the treatment of ALS patients without...

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Facebook Facebook


Introducing Facebook Media

Sep 16 • 326 Views • No Comments

Today, Facebook introduced Facebook Media to showcase how media, public figures and organizations are using Facebook to connect with their fan base. It will be an area...


The Tactical Advantage of using Facebook Video Ads

In March, we got a taste of what Video Ads might look like when Facebook released “Premium” Video Ads. Sadly, these ads were not for...

Aug 29 • 574 Views


Facebook Rolls out New Video Ad Features

The long anticipated changes to Facebook video have arrived, and they’re pretty impressive. The new video advertising capabilities allow...

Jul 29 • 642 Views

Twitter Twitter


Jimmy Fallon’s Hashtag Game: #WorstGiftEver

Sep 18 • 237 Views • No Comments

Every week, we eagerly await Jimmy Fallon’s Hashtag game on Twitter. He tweets out a question, introduces a hashtag and shares his own experience:   Hashtag game!...


#WhenIWasAKid with Jimmy Fallon

It’s that time again. The weekly hashtag game from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. This week, Jimmy Tweeted out...

Sep 11 • 519 Views


How Nissan Newsjacked the Royals

How lightning fast is Nissan’s creative team? Seriously! Seven minutes after the Royal Family announced that a new...

Sep 10 • 355 Views

Instagram Instagram


Shot It, Got It! – Åhléns Aces Instagram

Sep 10 • 416 Views • No Comments

Just when we think we’ve seen it all in social media marketing, someone comes along with something totally new to take us by surprise! This week’s innovator is a...


Direct Selling on Instagram: Buy What You “Like”

When it comes to brands using social media for marketing efforts, Facebook and Twitter seem to reign supreme. However, a new product from...

Sep 3 • 465 Views

Pinterest Pinterest

Pinterest Messages

New Messaging Feature on Pinterest

Aug 12 • 344 Views • No Comments

There’s no denying it: I’m basic. I’m fully prepared to point the finger of blame at Pinterest for it, too. They’re so on top of their UX game that the...


Pinterest Trusts Me. Big Mistake.

I feel like the prettiest belle at the ball. Of all the users, in all the social networks, in all the Internet,...

Jul 5 • 804 Views