• Pinteresting Pooches: Halloween Costumes for your Dog.

    Oct 29 • Pinterest • 3400 Views

    Pinterest is my go-to for so, so, so many things. Recipes, outfit inspo, home decor – I’m there. Halloween costumes is not one of them. Don’t get me wrong – Pinterest is chock full of great ideas. The catch is, once a pin has shown up in a search result, it’s already been seen, shared and assembled by thousands of people at the moment you think you’ve found a neat, unique costume. If I want to look identical to thousands of girls, I will spend less energy on a more standard Halloween uniform – anything sexified.


    However, I am not too good to dress my dog like other animals because there is no such thing as too cute. Exhibit A: my man, Rowan:



    Don’t be caught without your best accessory this Halloween! I’ll get you started with this season’s best found on Pinterest here (Hint: animals dressed as other animals = winning). Then Tweet me with your pets outfit @ericakoehler1!


    Pinterest Wookie


    Pinterest Skunk


    Pinterest Zebra


    Pinterest Hulk


    Pinterest Horse



    Bonus points for a couples costume!


    Pinterest Cerebus




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  • Taco Bell goes Dark

    Oct 28 • Social Media • 2022 Views

    Taco Bell released a new app this week. No big deal, right? Apps are released every day. Taco Bell knows that and wanted to make a statement with their release, so they went to social media … but, they did something a little different to get noticed.


    They blacked out their social media.


    Taco Bell’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr accounts all have black profiles and cover photos. Here’s what their current Twitter page looks like:


    Taco Bell Twitter



    And, they’ve hidden all their Tweets except this one:



    …and this is the only status update visible on Facebook:



    And on Instagram, their homepage looked like this:


    Taco Bell Instagram


    And on YouTube:



    And on Tumblr:


    Taco Bell Tumblr


    Looks like they’ve gotten their message across! Fans on social media can’t help but notice this campaign. You might also be wondering what’s so special about this app? It allows mobile ordering, menu customization and a payment option, so you can order from your phone, skip the lines and pick up your food with little hassle.


    Do you ever order food to go from your mobile phone?


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  • CBS Instagram Takeover

    Oct 24 • Instagram, Social Media • 1859 Views

    Starting next week, all 21 of CBS’ primetime shows will have actors and producers posting photos and videos from their sets onto Instagram.  Each show’s official Instagram account will announce who will be running the Instagram account each day. And the shows will post on the same day that their show airs.  It’s a CBS Instagram Takeover.


    Why are they doing this?


    Chris Ender, CBS’s executive vice-president of communications said, “One of the best ways for the audience to experience a show is through the eyes of its stars. This Instagram campaign captures a week of CBS primetime, as artists release photos and videos from the sets, just for the fans.”


    With the hashtag #CBSInstagramTakeover in place, fans can follow all the posts on Instagram.



    Here is the Instagram takeover’s schedule and links to each show’s Instagram account:


    Monday, Oct. 27:

    2 BROKE GIRLS        

    THE MILLERS                          




    Tuesday, Oct. 28:





    Wednesday, Oct. 29:


    CRIMINAL MINDS            



    Thursday, Oct. 30:




    THE McCARTHYS           



    Friday, Oct. 31:


    HAWAII FIVE-0             

    BLUE BLOODS            


    Sunday, Nov. 2:


    THE GOOD WIFE            



    CBS is using its existing fan base to bring more traffic to the primetime shows’ Instagram accounts, having fans engage and interact in a new medium. Once the fans start following their favorite shows’ Instagram accounts, CBS can continually remind viewers to tune in each week with relevant Instagram posts. CBS is no stranger to week-long social media events, but this is the first time they’ve done it on Instagram – a sign that Instagram is a popular platform with no sign of waning interest.


    Will you check in on your favorite shows next week and follow their Instagram accounts?


    top photo by Kobby Dagan / Shutterstock.com



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  • A Rallying Cry: Canada’s #MyOttawa Social Campaign

    Oct 24 • Culture, Social Media • 2240 Views

    Wednesday, October 22 marked a day of Canadian unification. Residents of Ottawa in particular showed profound pride in their city. What spurred the sudden resurgence of the #MyOttawa hashtag on Thursday morning? It was a rallying cry against the gunman who stormed Ottawa’s National War Memorial and Parliament on Wednesday, killing a Canadian armed forces member on duty that day.


    Canadian authorities pushed a return to normalcy the day following the incident, but Twitter users banded together to share their national pride and support for Ottawa. The #MyOttawa hashtag existed before the event – which Prime Minister Stephen Harper is calling a terrorist attack on the city – but, its use has increased and taken on a new meaning.


    The pride of Ottawa residents is quite evident as the hashtag has soared in the past two days. Everyone from current long-time residents to nostalgic summer visitors to those who have since moved away had something to say about their city following the tragedy:







    Do you feel affected by the attack on the National War Memorial and Parliament? What does #MyOttawa mean to you?



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  • #WakeUpSelfies: The Latest Good Cause to Flood Facebook and Twitter Feeds

    Oct 22 • Social Media • 1495 Views

    Following the explosive popularity of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge earlier this year, UNICEF’s new social media campaign has a lot to live up to. It’s called #WakeUpSelfies and it involves posting a quick snapshot of a supposedly untouched-up selfie right when you wake up in the morning.


    What’s the point of this charitable social media campaign, you might ask? Well, just like the Ice Bucket Challenge, along with your participation in posting a picture to social media, you are asked to donate. In this case, the money is going toward war-savaged refugees in Syria who have filled refugee camps in bordering countries to capacity. According to UNICEF’s website, more than 1 million children have now fled Syria and millions more remain behind where they continue to be affected by the brutal three-years-and-counting conflict. UNICEF is asking for help to raise funds and meet urgent humanitarian needs.


    As of early in the day on October 22, well over 26,000 tweets had been posted with the campaign’s hashtag since its October 3 launch. This easily outpaces the Ice Bucket Challenge’s 18,577 posts over the same timeframe. But who’s counting? And anyway, the $94.3 million raised from July 29 to August 27 for ALS is nothing to sneer at.


    Just as with the Ice Bucket Challenge, the #WakeUpSelfies campaign asks you to nominate your friends to participate by tagging them in your post. Then you are asked to donate $5 by texting SYRIA to 70007. You can also hop on the website and donate any amount you choose.


    When you search for the #WakeUpSelfies hashtag, you’ll come across posts from the likes of actor Tom Hiddleston, model Naomi Campbell and comedian Stephen Fry. With all the A-listers pitching in to promote a good cause, what more motivation do you need? You don’t have to get wet to participate – you don’t even have to get out of bed. You can even cheat a little if you want and touch up before you open the shutter.


    Did you prefer endless videos of your friends pouring water on themselves for a good cause, or do you think you’ll enjoy the groggy selfies of your friends better? Do you plan to participate in the #WakeUpSelfies campaign, or is the do-something-humiliating-for-a-good-cause concept getting old?



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  • Morton Salt’s Halloween Social Media Campaign

    Oct 22 • Social Media • 2879 Views


    Morton Salt is turning 100 this year, and as part of their centennial celebration, they are throwing a costume contest on social media. Morton Salt doesn’t actually have a strong social media presence; they’re on all the major social platforms, but don’t have a huge following or any strong campaigns. However, with this 100-year celebration, Morton is dipping their toes into the social arena seriously for the first time.



    You can pick the look of any Morton Salt girl over the last 100 years and dress up like her for Halloween.


    Morton Salt 100 years


    Morton Salt Girl Collage

    These are the Morton Salt girls from 1914, 1933, 1956 and 2014. 


    Once you’ve chosen which Morton Salt girl you’re going to copy, then dress up, take a photo and share it through social media with the hashtag #MortonCostumeContest. Your photo will be displayed on their contest website and a winner will be chosen! The prizes are Visa® gift cards from $100 up to $1,000, and the contest runs from October 1 to November 2.


    Morton Salt


    Here are some of the costumes we’ve seen on social so far:







    Bringing out my costume for the #mortoncostumecontest #100

    A post shared by ahandson (@ahandson) on


    I don’t know about you, but I’ve had Morton Salt as a staple in my pantry for as long as I can remember. It’s nice to see them coming out of their shell and having more of an online presence. What do you think of their first campaign? Would you dress up as a Morton Girl for  Halloween?



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  • Lionsgate and Google premiere Hunger Games’ District Voices on YouTube

    Oct 20 • Culture • 25511 Views

    Hunger Games fans, listen up! Google has formed a partnership with the Panem Capitol to release a new miniseries called District Voices on YouTube today.  Each day this week, the Hunger Games’ Capitol TV will release a new video on YouTube featuring daily life in different districts, with never seen before behind-the-scenes tours.



    The videos will be available at 4 pm Eastern each day. Here’s what’s in store:

    • Today will feature District 8, where textile experts will show you the newest fashions.
    • Tomorrow, in District 2, we’ll get a riveting demonstration on how peacekeepers are kept in tip-top shape.
    • On Wednesday, District 5 will show us how Panem generates electricity.
    • Thursday, we’ll learn how to bake one of Peeta’s special treats in the grain district.
    • Friday, District 6’s liaison to the Capitol will give us a peak at the powerful peacekeeper vehicles in action.


    Fans of The Hunger Games book and movie series will eat up this new content while they eagerly await the newest movie release (set for November 21). Lionsgate has done an amazing job staying in-character for most of their advertising. The first movie came out in 2012 with a killer social media marketing campaign, which resulted in impressive engagement from fans across all social media platforms. Each successive movie has just upped the online interaction another notch.




    While this is excellent marketing from Lionsgate and exciting for all Hunger Games fans … I’m not sure that it is in Google’s best interest to align themselves with such a dictatorship like the Capitol. As we all know, President Snow and the Capitol control and censor what the people of Panem can see … eerily similar to the power Google has over the Internet. Is Google the next Panem?!


    What do you think?



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  • Chevrolet & MLB do something special on Twitter

    Oct 17 • Front Page, Twitter • 3107 Views

    Over a period of four hours last Friday, Chevrolet shut down its Twitter page and allowed only Major League Baseball’s Twitter followers access to a special social media event. Chevrolet, the Official Vehicle of Major League Baseball, hosted the event with the hashtag #ChevyAtBat, giving MLB’s Twitter followers the chance to answer trivia and win prizes, such as tickets to next season’s Opening Day.




    The hashtag #ChevyAtBat was Tweeted more than twenty thousand times within a 48-hour period and became a trending topic globally, which is no easy feat.






    Making an event exclusive is not a new tactic in the marketing toolbox, but making something exclusive to only certain Twitter followers? That is new. As brands get more comfortable in the social media space, they are moving beyond just engaging and sharing socially … they are starting to think outside the box. (Just like Target’s HalloweenHills Instagram game).


    Looks like Chevy and MLB knocked it out of the park with this one. (See what I did there?)



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  • Making Metrics Matter: The shift from Social Measurement to Analysis for Insight

    Oct 17 • Business, Social Media, Sponsored Post • 2347 Views

    The final breakout session from day one of the Spredfast Summit focused on my newest favorite conundrum—data vs. insight. The four-person panel included representatives from Hill Holiday, Houston Methodist Hospital, Whole Foods and Aeropostale.


    Brad Blake – Hill Holiday

    3 Things to Remember about Social

    • New Platforms Emerge (yik yak, ello)
    • Established platforms change
    • Products evolve


    Hill Holiday did research across all their Facebook accounts within their agency after Facebook changed their algorithm in December 2013. What they saw in subsequent months was that although organic impressions had decreased, engagement rate had gone up. So, while Facbeook had limited the reach of the accounts, it was showing it to people who were more likely to engage.

    • Move away from vanity metrics!
    • Do followers matter?
    • Does engagement matter?
    • Does reach matter?
    • Does any of it matter?

    It depends.


    Jason Lauritzen – Houston Methodist

    The most captivating presentation of this session was Jason Lauritzen, Social Media Specialist for Houston Methodist. His point of view was strongly in favor of doing away with vanity metrics and focusing on what C-Level executives want to hear: ROI.


    Traditional definitions of social media success (reach, impressions, engagement, PTAT, etc.) all have deficiencies. They focus on little else besides the traditional metrics of reach, impressions, and engagement and force you to make inferences off that data.


    All social metrics share a common goal: increase revenue and decrease cost. ROI, ad spend efficiency (ROI as %), customer service cost savings, value of a saved customer and lead value are all essential to defining success in social.


    Above all else, defining the social sales funnel and ensuring you can measure every step of it is crucial!


    Natanya Anderson – Whole Foods

    Whole Foods focuses on generating actionable reporting. They dive deep into social data using Spredfast and ask the following questions:

    • What will make the audience receptive? Can we report on it? Is it quantitative?
    • How can we present the data to change the way the stakeholders look at our social efforts?
    • How can we use data-informed content to revisit our roots as a company?


    David Gallon – Aeropostale

    Aeropostale uses social to tune into what their customers are saying, because as a lifestyle brand, they need to know what their customers are saying.


    How do they do that? By listening to conversations outside their company keywords. What are people who talk about Aeropostale talking about the rest of the time? By tracking what their followers say, they are able to create content specifically for their followers, in real time.


    For example, Aeropostale discovered that a large percentage of its followers were talking about a vine creator. Aeropostale created an image and made the vine influencer their #MCM (mancrush Monday) and turned him into a product endorser. He now appears in their latest winter lookbook and has become a massive brand ambassador for Aeropostale. In this way, the Aeropostale marketing team truly integrates the evolution of their audience’s lifestyle into all aspects of their lifestyle brand.


    Splash Media’s team is covering #SFSummit 2014 in Austin, Texas. For more information on the event, follow Spredfast on Twitter. Rob Howe, Splash Media’s Associate Director of Strategy, is on site in Austin. Tweet him here.


    This post is sponsored by Splash Media



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  • #HalloweenFail with Jimmy Fallon

    Oct 17 • Social Media, Twitter • 2207 Views

    It’s almost Halloween. Have you chosen your costume? Made plans? Bought candy? Halloween is a fun time of year and a great opportunity to be creative. But, as always, with good things come the … fails. And Jimmy Fallon wants to hear all about your #HalloweenFail.




    As usual, the Twitterverse didn’t disappoint. With almost seven thousand tweets in twenty-four hours, there were so many #HalloweenFail stories out there …







    Blue Man Group Boston jumped on board in response to Jimmy Fallon’s #HalloweenFail:



    I have a #HalloweenFail, too. One year, my mom put out a basket of healthy snacks and crackers for trick-or-treaters while us kids were out for the night … and we came home to smashed pumpkins in our yard! We’ve never let my mom forget that Halloween.


    Do you have a #HalloweenFail?




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