HOLLA Dayz: Halloween 2014

Nov 3 • Social Media • 2131 Views

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“HOLLA Dayz” is a regular series covering the best media surrounding holidays or occasions worth talking about.  Brands, people, bots – they’re all fair game.  See how others are celebrating socially and what you can learn from their messages!

Brands have been hijacked on #socialmedia – by the spirit of Halloween! The festive fall holiday is full of tricks and treats, delights and frights … but most importantly, fun costumes and clever creative to convey spooks and thrills!


This year, brands went all out with their social messages to engage fans; some deserve a load of candy for their successful implementation, while others fell flat and need a bit of help to earn their treats. Take a look:


Michaels’ Halloween tweet wasn’t as crafty as one would have expected, though they had many Pinterest-esque craft tweets leading up to the holiday, including a few videos and GIFs that made for great engagement.



Party City showcased their company culture with this tweet of their team, which humanizes the brand – though I would have expected something more overtly festive from the party company!



More importantly, however, take a look at how the tweet appears in Party City’s timeline. A common mistake brands are making on Twitter is not sizing their images for the platform, which leads to the images being “cut off” in the process. A better social move would be to size the image for each specific platform so this doesn’t happen, a tactic we implement at Splash Media for our clients.


party city tweet


Reese’s struggled with the same issue. Look at their recent tweets – very festive and clever – and then look at how they appeared in the timeline.

Tweet 1:


… and how it appeared in the timeline.

Reese's Tweet


Tweet 2:


… and how it appeared in the timeline.

Reese's Tweet 2


Butterfinger avoided the timeline pitfall by sizing their image for Twitter. What a difference the extra effort makes!



Hershey’s also fell into the image-size trap, but we love the creative idea for this piece of content!



Domino’s clever tweet was on brand and on point for the holiday. You get an extra piece of candy from us Domino’s!


Dominos Tweet


Nickelodeon didn’t size their image correctly either, though it somehow ended up looking like headless creatures for Halloween …


Nickelodeon Tweet



ESPN got a slam dunk with this tweet – on brand, on holiday, and it links to their site for additional web traffic. One reason this tweet was so successful is because of its use of a Twitter card – another tactic brands should be implementing by now.



Of course, no brand can go wrong with cute on Halloween, as proved by the ASPCA and MTV.



In a related Twitter move, some timely and witty brands jumped in on the trending hashtag #ScaryStoriesin5Words. The pattern of hijacking a hashtag to promote a brand message is smart and engaging, leading to extra impressions for the brand and the likely possibility of brand messaging being seen by non-fans. Not to mention, if the response is witty enough, as many of these were, it will garner additional engagement in the form of favorites, retweets and replies.






Celebrities partook in Halloween fun as well, attending parties, creating elaborate costumes and commenting on the status of our society during the holiday.




Now that is dedication to a costume! (And quite the opposite of my what-can-I-find-in-my-closet mentality…)



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Happy Halloween! #DIYHalloween #RamenNoodle

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But, the winner of our Halloween #socialmedia audit? Chevrolet, who combined rich media (appropriately sized for the platform) and holiday paraphernalia into a great branded Halloween message.




Did you see any other great social messaging from your favorite brands this Halloween? Let us know!



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