The Autobiography of a City through Social: #MyDubai

Sep 26 • Social Media • 3060 Views

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The Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, launched a social media campaign earlier this year to capture the essence of Dubai. All year long, residents and visitors of Dubai are encouraged to share photos and videos through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #MyDubai – to show the real and human side of Dubai.


According to The National, Sheikh Hamdan said, ““Our achievements are driven by a positive energy and spirit that is felt by everyone who lives in our emirate, inspiring creativity and harmony and uniting more than 200 nationalities. In the fabric of Dubai, there are more than 2.1 million stories – the individual lives and experiences of all those who call Dubai home.


“A city’s story is created by its people, and as we look towards a prosperous future, it’s time to join together and show the world how 2.1 million people can create one remarkable story. Together we will create the world’s first autobiography of a city.”


To kick off this emirate-wide initiative, Sheikh Hamdan contributed a video of himself and his Dubai.


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نطلق اليوم مشروع #MyDubai .. وهو عبارة عن وسم في وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي نريد من خلاله كتابة سيرة مصورة للحياة في إمارة دبي عبر عدسة سكانها وزوارها.. كما نريد اليوم أن ننقل للعالم صورة للحياة الحقيقية في دبي عبر مشروع ‎‪#MyDubai‬‏ وحياة سكانها..وأجمل لحظاتهم وأوقاتهم وتجاربهم.. وحتى أحاسيسهم ومشاعرهم هدفنا من مشروع #MyDubai نقل الحياة في دبي بتفاصيلها الانسانية .. وبقيمها الاجتماعية .. وبجمالياتها الحقيقية لبقية العالم .. دبي ليست عمران فقط .. دبي حياة وهوية متفردة أدعو جميع سكان وزوار ومحبي دبي للمشاركة في #MyDubai عبر الصور والفيديو .. ووجهنا دائرة السياحة بتفعيل الوسم عبر أنشطة وفعاليات طوال العام وهذه أول مشاركة لي في مشروع #MyDubai .. وستستمر مشاركتي فيه طوال العام This is the first time I participate in the #MyDubai campaign. It's a campaign through which we want to show the world what life in Dubai is really like: the lives of the people who live here, their most beautiful moments and experiences, and even their feelings, all conveyed through their pictures. We want to portray life here in all its human details: the social values, the beauty…for Dubai is not only about skyscrapers and towers; Dubai is life and has a unique identity … I invite all residents, visitors and Dubai lovers to participate in the #MyDubai campaign and send in their photos and videos

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#MyDubai has been tagged in Instagram photos over 1.5 million times, and in the last thirty days alone, #MyDubai has been tweeted over 27,000 times. There’s a dedicated Twitter account and an Instagram account for this campaign – or you can go to where all the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook mentions are aggregated into one area for easy viewing. Creator of the site and CEO of Nexa, a leading Dubai digital agency, Amit Vyas, told me, “As one of the world’s premier tourism destinations, and with Dubai residents being mostly ex-patriots, the reach of this campaign has had an impressive global impact. This has been an excellent opportunity to showcase the vast array of culture and lifestyles in Dubai.”








Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, the government body responsible for promoting the emirate’s leisure and business tourism, also joined the #MyDubai initiative. Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and Elevision Media have displayed a selection of the #MyDubai images on a 96-metre-long LED screen in front of the DIFC Gate building.






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And again…#mydubai #sunset #rightplaceattherighttime

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Dubai is made up of a diverse and vibrant culture. What better way to show the heart of a city than to share the souls of the people who love it.



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