Careers on YouTube: Beauty Blogger Nicci Gilland

Sep 15 • Social Media, YouTube • 1767 Views

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A YouTube career takes a special kind of plan to execute properly. Getting your channel and brand seen by others to gain more subscribers is not an overnight endeavor. It takes time to build up your channel. So, how do you get the word out about your new career? Being social, obviously. Social media has proven to be the new word-of-mouth advertising strategy.


We previously talked with beauty blogger Ivy Boyd about her YouTube career. Today, we are talking with Nicci Gilland from A Different Face. Nicci has a BA in Art Studio (with a minor in computer science) and a job in IT. Her YouTube channel currently has 107 subscribers.



We asked Nicci about her social approach, the different social media platforms and what she thinks of each.


wayvs: How important is social media to your image/brand?

NG: It’s pretty vital. My site content focuses primarily on information about beauty products, and most of it is based on my personal experiences. Using social media allows me to give my readers a little peek into my life and personality – which in turn can help them decide how much of my content is applicable for them.


wayvs: Which platforms do you see the most engagement from followers?

NG: Without a doubt, Instagram is the platform where I have the most interaction with my readers. Beauty-related content is extremely visual in nature – people want to see a product, not just read a description of it. My blog audience is already interested in seeing images, so that makes Instagram a pretty natural extension of my main content. 


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wayvs: Do you have a set social strategy? If so, what is it?

NG: Not in the sense of “I should increase my followers by X% each month” or “social media posts should average Y number of likes/shares/etc.” That’s a bit too impersonal for me. I do keep an eye on which posts have the most engagement, though, to help me determine what type of content people are finding interesting and/or helpful. 


wayvs: What are the pros/cons of social media in regards to your makeup business?

NG: Social media has been really helpful in making sure readers know when I’ve posted something new to my blog. Not everyone checks their blog feeds every day, but how many people go a day (or an hour, even) without checking their social feeds? It’s also a great way to start a discussion about interests that I have in common with readers and share content from other bloggers that might be interesting to them. 


wayvs: Do you have a favorite platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)? Why?

NG: Instagram and Twitter are my favorites – the posts are quick to read, and the mobile apps are easy to post from. Those are also the ones where I have the most interaction with readers and brands, so that’s where I focus the most attention. I love Instagram as a source of inspiration, and also for getting my daily requirement of cute puppy photos! 



wayvs: What advantages do you notice from each individual platform?

NG: Re-sharing content is really easy on Twitter and Facebook, which of course is great for my own posts and for sharing other people’s posts with my readers. They also have great APIs for integrating with other systems, so it’s easy to automate certain things like posting new blog content to Twitter and Facebook. 


wayvs: What disadvantages do you notice from each individual platform?

NG: As much as I love Twitter and Instagram, there’s just so much content that posts can get lost in the shuffle. It can be tricky to find the line between making sure your content gets seen and bombarding your followers with too many posts. I’m also less than ecstatic about the way Facebook curates content; as a Facebook user, I really want to see the posts from pages I’ve followed, and as a blogger it’s disappointing that my posts only show up in a fraction of my followers’ feeds.  


wayvs: Have you had any SEO or social media training?

NG: Not formally, though of course I’ve done a bit of reading online. 


It’s not surprising that Instagram would be a great platform for the beauty industry. Similar to fashion, visuals are always engaging for fans. We agree, Nicci. Thanks for the time and good luck with your career!


Catch Nicci on all her social platforms:
instagram: adifferentface

facebook: adifferentface



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