Everything you need to know about the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

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… and how social they were.


The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards were noticeably tamer than previous years (no twerking, gasp!), but still produced an array of crazy celebrities and powerful performances. The night of music celebrations took place at The Forum, a historic Los Angeles building in Inglewood and was marked by a feel of new and old. From Katy Perry’s throwback fashion choice to the prowess of newcomer Ariana Grande, the night was fun and full of surprises – I mean, would you expect anything else from the MTV VMAs?


Notably absent were Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Drake, Lady Gaga, One Direction and more, but fear not — the Kardashians were in attendance.


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Let’s start with the fashion, and just say Katy Perry won. She wore custom Valentino, which may sound glamorous, but it was more vintage than we would have imagined … 2001 vintage a la Britney and Justin.


blue jean
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The star even got the seal of approval from Britney herself.



Nicki Minaj seriously shook it during her performance of Anaconda … in fact, any more shaking and Los Angeles may have gone into earthquake protection mode.


Source: MTV


And when her quick wardrobe change didn’t quite work out, she held it together – literally.


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No shocker here, Taylor Swift is still an awkward white girl when she dances. That said, she did warn us during the pre-show.



Source: TVfanatic.com


Swift 2
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Nicki Minaj and Usher decided to use the literal definition of headbutt during their performance.


Head butt bump
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Miley Cyrus won Video of the Year for Wrecking Ball, and her speech was shocking … in a different way.  Instead of accepting her MoonMan half-naked with tongue hanging out, Miley let her date, homeless teen Jesse, do the talking.  In a moving moment that stood in sheer opposition from last year’s twerking fiasco, Miley cried while Jesse talked about his time as a runaway and at My Friend’s Place, the charity he and the singer aimed to raise money for.


Source: TVfanatic.com


In response, fans on Twitter just about fell over.





But the biggest moment of the night? One word: Beyonce.  She was as amazingly Beyonce as ever. Words can’t even describe her performance, which was a mini Beyonce concert in and of itself – nearly 17 minutes long including a medley of 12 songs from her recent album, GIFs don’t do the performance justice. You really just need to watch it.


JayZ presented Queen Bey with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award (MTV’s version of a Lifetime Achievement Award), which led to this endearing moment onstage, complete with Blue Ivy clapping and saying “Yayyyy Mommy!”

Cue the “awwwwws” nationwide.


Source: TVFanatic.com


All hail the Queen, and America’s royal family.


Socially speaking, the VMAs were tuned in online. During the show, there were many social media activations, calling on fans and viewers at home to tweet a certain hashtag to vote for an award or unlock special features.  Considering the audience of the VMAs is overwhelmingly teens and millennials, this type of social media integration is seen as “the norm” as opposed to spam or overt branding.


During the pre-show, two tweens I’ve never heard of, newcomer Becky G and blogger Ingrid Nilsen, promoted the #InstaGlam campaign while discussing fashion and beauty trends of the night. They also used #InstaGlam to get viewers to vote on how they should surprise attendees:



In a showcase move, MTV Snapchatted photos of the stars to their followers throughout the night. Many brands are still struggling to figure out how to appropriately use Snapchat, but it looks like MTV has gotten the hang of it.




Similar to the GMA Social Square we wrote about earlier this year, MTV also implemented a VMA #TwitterMirror where celebrities could tweet photos of themselves to fans.





In another social media activation, Usher fans were prompted to tweet to unlock the star’s new music.



But step back social media, traditional advertising wasn’t about to be outdone.  Throughout the show, #FinishIt, the anti-tobacco campaign, was promoted. Like every single commercial break. Oh, and Trojan Double Ecstasy condoms. So teens, here’s what you need to know: don’t smoke, and use protection.


Overall, the 2014 award show fit the typical VMA mold – a pop music love fest powered by millions of tween fans with many spectacled performances and a few shocking moments. All in all, it provided the entertainment value it promised while satisfying the MTV audience and stressing mothers everywhere. Did you watch, and did you have a favorite moment?



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