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Back in March, we brought you the results of a survey conducted by Software Advice, a source for social CRM reviews and research, that revealed the effectiveness of various social media content optimization tactics. Now, the company has published the full results of their Social Media Content Optimization Survey, so we’d like to revisit the topic. The findings are pretty interesting.


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  • 84 percent of marketers regularly post on at least three social media networks. 70 percent post at least once a day in order to build brand recognition and better engage audiences, and 19 percent post at least three times a day. 64 percent say they plan their content at least a day in advance.
  • 35 percent of marketers feel it’s “very important” to test the sharing rates of content at different times of the day and days of the week in order to understand when potential audiences are most receptive. While this means that most marketers are using trial and error, it should be noted that 87 percent thought it was “moderately important” to test the times of day and week. Most of the survey participants indicated that they felt it was important to base data-driven decisions on multiple performance indicators, rather than focusing exclusively on any single metric.
  • 43 percent do not use social media management tools like HootSuite and TweetDeck to manage their social media content, which the report shows can make optimizing social content even more difficult. This explains why 55 percent say that optimizing social content across social networks is “somewhat difficult,” with 10 percent calling it “extremely difficult.”


Other key findings? Using images and photos are considered the most successful tactic, followed by hashtags, usernames and specific targeting. Interestingly, Liz Strauss, founder and CEO of SOBCon, who was ranked seventh on Forbes’ 2013 list of “Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers,” was asked to weigh in on this finding and believes it to be a backward approach. For real success in social media marketing, she notes, it’s important to know your audience. If you don’t have a plan for specific targeting, how can you send out the most effective images and hashtags? She also strongly recommends the use of a call to action, which can point users in the direction in which you want them to go.



Overall, the results are encouraging. Most of the respondents to this survey worked for small businesses, so these results indicate that small businesses are learning to navigate the social media terrain successfully. How about you? Do you see yourself in these findings? Is there anything you could be doing differently to garner more social media success?





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Mindee very interesting.  I wonder what the 3 social networks they are using are?

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