Facebook Rolls out New Video Ad Features

Jul 29 • Facebook, Front Page • 2448 Views

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The long anticipated changes to Facebook video have arrived, and they’re pretty impressive. The new video advertising capabilities allow you to optimize your video views, draw in a larger audience and even create post-view call to action buttons. So, how does it all work?


  • First, when you create a new campaign, Facebook lets you choose “Video Views” from a drop down menu on Power Editor, or from a list on the ad create tool. This just means that Facebook will optimize your video views, showing your ad to people most likely to want to view your video.
  • When you’re creating your video ad, you’ll come to the “Creative” step, where you choose posts to promote as video ads. Facebook shows you eligible posts to use, or you can create an unpublished video that doesn’t organically enter the newsfeed. It’s easy to do, there’s a little “+” to click and choose “unpublished”.
  • Post-view CTA buttons drive traffic where you want it to go. This is a pretty cool option: you can choose to embed a call to action button in the video, with whatever text you want displayed, leading to the URL of your choice.
  • One really cool new feature is audience building and targeting. When you’re creating your ad, you’ll be given the option to “create audiences from people who view this video”. This divides your audiences into 1) people who watched at least 3 seconds of the video, and 2) people who watch at least 95% of the video. This can be really useful in targeting new ads. Note: videos have to be viewed 1000 times in a 24 hour period in order for the audience to be updated or saved.
  • The new video metrics are pretty useful, too. You’ll be able to see video views, and clicks to play, along with link clicks. Within the video view segment, you’ll be able to view audience retention, average duration of video views, how many video views in total, and how many went as far as 95%. This will help you understand how your video is being watched.
  • If you’re not using Facebook’s Ad Reports, you should be. This allows you to create custom reports to analyze your results and optimize your success. Even if you haven’t been using Ad Reports, you should start, because they’ve been expanded to include the new metrics.


We spoke with Cole Field, Director of Search and Innovations from Splash Media, to hear what he had to say about the new video ad features.


How do you think this will improve Facebook video ads? Or will it?


Cole says, “Dramatically! At Splash, we are already using video ads in this manor. Facebook is now making it easier for us and other advertisers to implement processes we’ve been using since day one.”


Will these features drive users to actually participate in CTAs?


“100%. Video marketing is growing faster than any other digital marketing effort we’ve seen or used. It gives us the ability to directly provide a viewer with detailed information instead of them having to seek it out. Now, with the power of targeted Facebook ads and audience segmentation, we have the ability to target very specific video content to very specific audience groups.“


Do you think any features are superfluous or any you think need to be added?


Here at Splash, we will fully utilize all of these new features to better serve our brand and further our agency processes and procedures. We are always looking for the new and best tools and processes to boost our clients to another level in their marketing. Specifically, we utilize video content in all of our social marketing efforts, this just gives us one more piece of ammo



top photo by Quka / Shutterstock.com


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