San Diego State Streaks to the Top of the #MyTopCollege Campaign

Jul 2 • Social Media, Twitter • 1883 Views

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When you think of the top colleges, what comes to mind? Students in lab coats? Classrooms with the latest technology, full of eager faces? Ivy-covered buildings and green expanses of lawn? In the new FORBES social media campaign, students’ get to express what it really means to rank as #MyTopCollege.


FORBES magazine ranks top colleges in America each year, based on factors like graduation rate, student satisfaction and post-graduate success. This year, students, faculty and alumni are being given the chance to share photos, fun facts and traditions only found at their school for a chance to see it featured in FORBES magazine, as well as online as a “Students’ Favorite Top College.”


The campaign kicked off Monday, with students from across the country chiming in with some pretty unique stuff:











If there was a standout, though, it was San Diego University! The SDSU community jumped right in, tweeting about everything from their marching band, to athletic teams, to their gorgeous views, to carry their school to the top of the leaderboard.