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Jun 25 • Facebook, Front Page, Social Media • 3045 Views

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Social media, particularly Facebook, tends to create a few unintentional and unexpected emotions in people these days.  People love to post pictures and videos of their latest adventures and vacations or update their statuses about the newest milestone in their lives. Sometimes, these posts force us to question our own lives, leaving us to wonder why we’re not having as much fun as others or why we’re not married with 2.2 children at this point.


I am guilty of it too. I get the same family-filled images in my news feed every First Day of School in August, every first steps video about 10 months after the birth update and every status update from over-the-water bungalows in Bora Bora. As you can imagine, these make me feel SUPER about my current place in life.  I’ve done some pretty awesome things too, but somehow we (I) tend to forget our own milestones when we’re busy scanning down our plethora of “my life is better than yours” updates.


Buzzfeed released a pretty accurate video today explaining how social media leads us to believe what we see – not what truly is:



Occasionally, we see a pic or an update and compare it to our lives when in fact, it’s really not as great as it seems — hence the Buzzfeed video.


But fear not fellow Facebook inferiors, our lives rock too! Look where you are. You have so much going for you! If you’re reading this article, then you at least have access to a computer and the Internet, if not possess your own. You’re able to read and interpret what I’m saying –  you’re pretty much a millionaire at this point. Maybe you even have your own home, something not everyone can say in this country. Did you have coffee this morning? Breakfast? You’re so lucky! Keep it up, buddy!


Here are just a few social posts that have made me look at my life and want to die (not really, but at the very least shove a box of Oreos in my face):


1.)   The “my body should be immortalized in a museum someday” post:


FB photo


2.)   The “I’m on vacation while you’re slaving away at your day job” post:


Source: CollegeHumor



3.)   The “I’m in such a great relationship” post


Great Relationship
Source: Tumblr 



4.)   The “I’m living the dream with my picture-perfect family” post


Source: FridayPhotos


Because they can’t post this:


Modern Family
Source: Tumblr 


5.)   The “I have such a great social life and so many friends” post:


Source: Giphy 


6.)   The “I’m single and loving it” post:


Source: Tumblr 


But, they’re really thinking…


modern love
Source: Tumblr


And this…


Die alone
Source: Tumblr


7.)   The “I’m eating dessert” post:

Source: DailyNibbles


Like I said, hang in there champ. Your life rocks just as much as everyone else’s.


Have I forgotten any other posts that make you want to jump off a cliff?



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