Yeehaw! Country Music Goes Social.

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At least Blake Shelton does … or does he?


As a born and bred Texan, I am a country music lover.  No shame, no denying it – my radio dial is almost always tuned to a country station.  There’s something about the music, which can convey any emotion under the sun, that moves me.  From a song about heartbreak to the best party anthem out there, country music is fitting any time of day, any day of the week.


Due to my country music obsession, I attended the Blake Shelton concert this past weekend in Dallas, Texas.  While Shelton’s show was exciting for thousands of fans (the concert was completely sold out), the best thing about Blake is that he is always uniquely Blake.  No pretty packaging or fluff stuff – Shelton stays true to himself … no matter who he offends in the process.


Segue to the concert, where Blake has been doin’ his thang for a little less than an hour.  Blake decided to pause and “tell the audience a little story.”  Earlier this spring, he had a conference call with a bunch of bigwigs to prepare for his tour this summer.  As they were discussing logistics, Shelton received a “talking to” that came with a “stern warning” for his Dallas concert.  Knowing there would be many sponsors and deep-pocketed (conservative) cowboys in attendance, Shelton’s management asked him to “tone down” his performance in Texas — cut back on the beer and whiskey onstage, refrain from cussing and overall just make the show a bit more family-friendly.


Blake responded with the title of one of his most famous songs, “Kiss My Country Ass.”



Not only did he tell the uptight label executives to shove it, he decided to make a mockery of the conversation during his concert Saturday night.  After he told the audience the story, he proceeded to take out his phone and live-tweet the same line.  The giant screen behind him showed his Twitter page as he typed out “I’m rockin’ in Dallas, Texas and you can KISS MY COUNTRY ASS!!!” and then hit ‘Publish.’  The crowd, full of drunken rednecks, went wild.


As a social media marketer, I was excited by this part of the performance and seeing Shelton utilize social media for engagement during a live show.  My excitement was short-lived, however, as the “tweet” appears to have been no more than a typical concert gimmick.  There is no evidence of the tweet on his timeline; there is only one reference from Dallas on June 21.



(Based on the language of this tweet, you can see why Shelton’s management wanted him to “tone it down.”)


Thanks for getting my hopes up Blake, only to dash them.  At least you put on a decent show (though one could argue that Miranda’s surprise performance and sole song outdid all yours…)


Do you follow your favorite musicians on Twitter?  Have any other artists used social media during a show?



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