Music to Our Ears: The Unique Allure of Suburbia

Apr 29 • Culture, Trending • 3303 Views

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Coachella.  Bonnaroo.  SXSW.  Ultra.


Music festivals are all the rage right now, and the list of rockin’ summer shows is seemingly endless.  Whether you want to party like a rockstar while listening to EDM in Miami or sip on a cold beer while dancing to the sounds of country music out in the sticks, there’s a show out there for you. 


But with so many options tempting music lovers and thrill-seekers alike, what sets one music festival apart from the rest?  Each festival provides a unique location and atmosphere along with an all-star lineup, so becoming one of the “must attend” shows is easier said than done.


This weekend in North Texas, one festival is aiming for elite status in the music world – Suburbia.  Named for its suburban location, the new music festival is taking place at Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve in Plano, about 20 miles North of downtown Dallas.  The location is both easily accessible and beautiful, providing a scenic backdrop for a weekend of music and merriment.


This photo of Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve is courtesy of TripAdvisor


The ‘burbs around Dallas often have a reputation for being boring “bubbles” of society, but Suburbia is doing everything possible to shatter that stereotype.  For starters, organizers have put together a pretty stellar lineup of diverse musical acts, especially for a first year festival.  Who would have thought David Guetta, world-famous DJ who has worked with Lady Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna and more, would be spinning his set in Plano, Texas?  Certainly not us!




Along with an impressive line-up and location, Suburbia has also distinguished itself for its culinary offerings.  In a break from the traditional fried food served at festivals nationwide, Suburbia is offering concert-goers a diverse range of treats sure to please even the pickiest of palettes.  Rest assured, there will be pizza, hamburgers, and tacos offered, but they will be in stark juxtaposition to the VIP Menu, which offers a “Texas-Sized Chicken and Waffle Sandwich” alongside “Suburbia Sushi Rolls.”  Yes, you read that correctly – sushi rolls.  Pardon the pun, but compared to typical music festival food, sushi is definitely a fish out of water.  Along with a variety of cuisines from local food trucks, Suburbia has raised the bar and elevated expectations for flavorful festival food.


Suburbia food trucks

Source: Suburbia Music Festival Facebook


Considering the scenic location, attractive lineup, and unique food offerings, it would seem Suburbia has hit the music festival trifecta in its first year.  Rolling Stone recently named Suburbia one of its “Must-See Music Festivals” for Summer 2014, and that’s without years of past performances to set the precedent.  Though we try to not get ahead of ourselves, it’s hard not to imagine what future years will bring for Suburbia and North Texas.  Will Suburbia ever reach the status of a Coachella or Ultra?  And what will the implications be on the local music scene?  Only time will tell, we just have to make it through David Guetta, Alabama Shakes and J. Cole first… and that is sweet music to our ears!



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