Your Passion + Your Dreams = ‘Omazing’ Opportunities

Apr 8 • Business, Front Page • 5444 Views

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What are you passionate about?  Movies?  Music?  Television?  Sports?


Whatever your favorite hobby is, you probably have a dream that accompanies it. If you love movies, perhaps you’d like to hit the town with George Clooney, or spend a day with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. If you love television, maybe you’d enjoy watching Breaking Bad with Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston. If you love basketball, you’d probably jump at the chance (pun intended) to relive the NBA’s greatest moments with legendary coach Phil Jackson.




Sounds great, right?


The problem is, unless you’re Prince George or Beyonce and Jay-Z, you will never have the opportunity to experience anything remotely like these scenarios—you don’t have the right connections, not to mention the money! That’s why they’re called dreams.


Enter Omaze.


Omaze is a new website built on the idea that we all deserve the opportunity to live our life to the fullest. Matching transformative experiences with remarkable causes, Omaze creates compelling content “so that everyone can achieve more in their own lives.”


But how does it work?


Omaze is essentially an online raffle. A dream experience is matched with a cause or nonprofit, and then published for a limited time. People who are interested in the experience or want to support the cause can donate, simultaneously entering to win the dream experience. The more you donate, the better your chance of winning the dream experience, and all proceeds go to charity. It’s a win-win!




Omaze is a very cool concept, but it was born of such a simple idea. Founders Matt and Ryan attended a benefit that auctioned off the chance to have dinner and attend a Lakers game courtside with Magic Johnson. As huge Lakers fans, Matt and Ryan were thrilled at the opportunity and couldn’t wait to bid on the package; however, their enthusiasm was short-lived as they watched the price escalate until the experience finally sold to the tune of $15,000.


Matt and Ryan realized there was something wrong with this formula. Not only was the experience limited to a select few, it also raised only $15,000—a worthwhile sum on its own, but not near the value of the priceless experience. Something different needed to be done, so Matt and Ryan put their heads together and came up with the idea of Omaze.


It’s incredible that something others never even considered a problem has such an innovative, cool solution. Matt and Ryan have truly fleshed out their idea and brought it to life, adding elements such as fan-voting for future experiences and follow-up videos so that those who don’t win the experience can still see it play out. Go check it out now!  It’s truly amazing… or should I say, omazing.


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