Rating the Music Performances at the Oscars

Mar 4 • Culture • 2511 Views

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For an awards ceremony that is based on cinematic performances, this year’s Academy Award nominated musical performers were about 3 stars on a critic’s scale at best. Let’s review, shall we?


Pharrell Williams was the first musical number of the night with his Oscar nominated “Happy” song, which debuted in Despicable Me 2. The costume color scheme was nice, and mirrored the color scheme of the various characters from the movie. Still, the performance lacked some charismatic sparkle. Where was the glitz and glam that an Oscar theatrical music performance deserves? – 2 Stars.


meryl shimmy

Source: Yahoo Entertainment Tumblr 


Karen O. and Ezra Koenig from the band Vampire Weekend performed “The Moon Song” from the Academy Award nominated movie Her. Luckily, it was quite literally short and sweet. The song was somewhat of a somber mood killer for the show, and when the show is 4 hours long, you need all the hype music you can get! – 1 Star.


Karen O

Source: DailyDot Tumblr 


U2 performed “Ordinary Love” from Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. It was a long walk to get on to the next award. – 1 Star. Maybe another star for honoring Nelson Mandela in the background…



Source: DailyDot Tumblr


P!nk killed it in her tribute to Judy Garland! She sang an incredible rendition of “Over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz. The Grammy Award-winning singer dawned a sparkly, red dress in memory of Judy’s famous ruby slippers from her role as Dorothy. Great voice, great outfit, great visuals in the background. Best performance of the night overall. – 5 Stars.



Source: MTV Tumblr


Bette Midler honored those who’ve passed with “Wind Beneath My Wings.” She was moved by the standing ovation at the end of the performance. It was good, but I think most people stood to both honor the deceased and stretch their cramped legs from sitting so long…plus, I can’t help that if I have to hear her sing any song I want it to be “I Put a Spell on You.” #HocusPocus – 2 Stars.


Bette Midler

Source: Guilikira Tumblr 


Idina Menzel performed her Academy Award-winning “Let it Go” from the Academy Award-winning “Best Animated Film: Frozen.” Despite her somewhat look of disdain at the very beginning due to John Travolta’s horrible, name-butchering introduction, Idina’s pipes rang beautifully as only she can do. I only wish the entire song had been performed with more gusto or more theatrics, maybe some bigger facial expressions, or backup dancers… – 4 Stars.


Idina Menzel

Source: MTV


I thought each of the performers should have used the entire stage, really giving an Oscar-worthy performance, but maybe they were trying to downplay themselves since this was cinema’s big night rather than the Grammys.


What did you think of Sunday night’s performances?


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