5 Most ‘Pinspiring’ Brands | Does Yours Measure Up?

Feb 6 • Pinterest, Social Media • 2623 Views

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I’m constantly preaching that the mark of a great Pinterest board is its ability to inspire: inspire to do, to make, to see. So, surely you can imagine the pure glee I felt when my friend confessed her outfit-of-the-day had been inspired by my newest board. As a result, that launched me into a full-blown witch hunt to find the brands that are killing it in the Pinterest game right now. The most “Pinspiring,” you might say.


5. Chobani

Most of their boards do focus on recipes involving yogurt, but Chobani builds a bigger picture of healthy living with boards surrounding themes such as fitness, inspirational quotes, and nutrition-related infographics. What they don’t have? A boring collection of yogurt flavors they carry. I can go to the grocery store if that’s what I want to see.

Board to Note | Chilly Chobani


Guilt-less desserts? Give me. Now.

4. Planet Blue

This Pinterest is oozing with the beachy, California goodness of the company’s origins. I can envision an actual person that would embody this brand, which is the ultimate way of relating to your target audience. From style boards to map boards, they stay true to their West Coast culture.

Board to note: LA//our roots

Planet Blue

I may or may not have created a California-themed board because of this…

3. Birchbox Man

While I would have disqualified other brands from the race for using boards as a straight product catalog Birchbox Man is marketing toward (you guessed it) men. As Jay Baer explains, men use Pinterest as a shopping list rather than a wish list, so this strategy is on-point for the brand. Even still, they manage to illustrate what a “Birchbox Man” would look and act like through the board’s cover photos alone.


Board to Note | Duds

Birchbox Man

Yes, PLEASE… impart style upon these men.

2. The Color Run

I hate when brands use Pinterest as a photo album, and that is exactly what The Color Run did. However, these high-quality, vibrant, and action-packed candids of runners really drive home the idea that this is “the happiest 5K on the planet.” That theme is carried out through every pin with enough cheer and color to inspire even those who hate running with fiery, burning passion (me).

Board to note: The Color Run™

The Color Run

Seriously, I’m doing this when it comes to Dallas. (That’s the power of Pinterest, people!)

1. Kate Spade

Much like Planet Blue, Kate Spade embodies a certain culture through their boards. What makes this unique is how they take on the feel of a whole other decade—the ’50s. It doesn’t stop there. This experience continues on their website and stays with you through the in-store experience. For this reason, I have dubbed Kate Spade the most “Pinspiring” brand on Pinterest. To think, it all started with only 15 boards.


Board to note | Charm Colorfully

Kate Spade

I feel more ladylike already.

The Takeaways:

  • Keep it short. No brand needs 78 boards to make a point.
  • Depict the lifestyle of your ideal user.
  • Be creative. Use quality images.
  • Stop. Selling. That will come naturally with great content.


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