Twitter Overhaul: What New Changes Mean for Social Media Marketers

Dec 3 • Front Page, Twitter • 1716 Views

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Attention social media marketers: In case you didn’t notice, Facebook wasn’t the only one to change the rules on you lately. Earlier this year, Twitter announced changes that could really affect how you utilize Twitter to market to your audience.

Once upon a time, Twitter was the go-to platform for 140-character efficacy; reaching your core audience by delivering short, concise messages, becoming an influencer and getting key influencers to recommend your products or services were all pluses in a platform that appeared to be as good as it was going to get. The changes rolled out earlier this year, however, paint the picture of a platform on the verge of a metamorphosis—one that can either make or break your Twitter approach.

What’s Your Tweet Worth?

By far the most important change has been Twitter’s ability to now assign a value to your tweet. In other words, Twitter will be able to tell the streaming API whether or not your tweet has no, low, medium or high value as compared to other streaming tweets. This means that, in Twitter applications where you are able to filter results, you will be able to filter by low, medium, or high value, with the “no” standing for no filtering.

The real key to value appropriation with regard to tweets is that Twitter is moving in the direction of Facebook, where sponsored tweets could theoretically get more hits because they would be considered to have greater (high) value. Even though Twitter may be one of your key social media platforms in your company’s marketing strategy, now it may become even more competitive—not to mention more costly—to get people to see your tweets on stream.

Other Changes: Language filters, DM, Scheduled Tweets

There are other key changes on the horizon for Twitter users.

  • Language filters will enable Twitter to detect tweets written in different languages and give users the ability to search by language. This is highly valuable, as it will give your audience more opportunities to find you, no matter what language you’re tweeting in.
  • It used to be that Twitter only allowed people who were following each other to Direct Message (DM) each other. Now, Twitter gives users the option to send and receive DMs to and from anyone, regardless of follow status. This is also a pretty significant change for marketers; it means you can reach out privately to prospective clients, influencers and the like, provided that they have chosen to receive messages from anyone. (Source: )
  • Do you use Twitter’s ad products? Have you been scheduling promoted tweets with another application? Now you can ditch that third-party app and schedule your organic and promoted tweets up to a year in advance by using Twitter’s scheduled tweet capabilities. This will greatly enhance usability for social media marketers engaged in Twitter ad campaigns, as it will cut out the middle man and allow you to use Twitter for scheduling. (Source:

What do you think of Twitter’s changes and how it may affect your business?


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