‘Tis the Season! Ways to Successfully Instagram Your Brand This Season

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If you thought the posting of Instagram selfies and food photos slowed down during the holidays, you could not be more mistaken! In fact, it’s almost as if the holidays were meant for regularly scheduled Instagram posts and festive hashtags. This is the time of year when folks show off their Instagramming skills with pics of their Thanksgiving meals, Christmas shopping sprees and holiday special events. If you’re a business owner who’s not in on the Instagram craze, however, this is the perfect time of year for you to take a cue from regular folks, break out your phone and start telling your brand’s Instagram story!

The Instagram Connection: Ways Instagram Helps Your Brand

Social media has helped brands grow in popularity by leaps and bounds because it creates a personal connection between the consumer and the brand. It knocks down the imaginary fourth wall that often separates businesses and their clientele, and it gives people a glimpse of the human connection behind the corporate image. Holiday Instagram campaigns greatly contribute to that connection in many ways.

1. Instagram helps you tell your brand’s holiday story. Whether you have a new marketing approach to try for your business this holiday season, or you just didn’t have a way of expanding your brand’s current marketing strategy, Instagram is the perfect way to tell your brand’s holiday story. Share photos with your followers, encourage followers to post photos of their experiences with your brand, and use unique hashtags that redirect followers to you. You can even do a year in review and tell your brand’s 2013 story with a collage of the top moments of the year.

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2. Instagram paves the way for successful holiday promotions. Holiday Instagram campaigns can help you share your latest promotions and contests with your fan base. You can play up the season of giving, and give away products or prizes. You can also promote special sale items each day during the month of December. Incorporating short videos to share will differentiate your brand and help you to stand out from your competitors.

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3. Instagram contributes to brand awareness. The holiday season is the perfect time for folks to Instagram their shopping sprees, holiday décor, presents, and great buys. Whether yours is a product, a service or a cause, your brand can be—and probably will be—the topic of many Instagram tags and photos. Encourage your social media community to contribute to brand awareness by sharing their experiences with your business through their phone’s photo filters, and to create a visual connection to your brand.

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4. Instagram highlights your brand’s achievements and inspires support. The holidays are a great time to share feel-good stories about your brand. Share your achievements of the past year, including special events of note and other activities and memories that make your brand relatable to your audience. Don’t be shy! Take pride in that 10K your company sponsored this summer, or let people know about that special cause that you support. Tell your followers about the toy drive you’re holding for needy children this Christmas. When it comes to highlighting things that are important to your business, the adage about a picture being worth a thousand words is much more evident in social media.

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Start Holiday Instagram Campaigns Today!

This holiday season, incorporate Instagram’s photos and videos into your corporate marketing strategy, and tell your brand’s holiday story successfully.


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