Play Ball! How the World Series is Winning in the Social Media Game

Oct 28 • Front Page • 1910 Views

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World Series Social MediaYou don’t have to be a fan of the Cardinals or Red Sox to know that the World Series is an anticipated time of the year for millions of sports fans. This year’s Fall Classic matchup featuring the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox is a rematch of the 2004 Series won by the Red Sox. These two teams also played each other for baseball supremacy in 1967 and 1946, and each has an avid fan base. It’s no surprise, then, that that this World Series is playing out in social media circles as well. But just how much is social media really fanning the flames in Major League Baseball’s championship series?

World Series Mashup: A Blow-by-Blow

According to an awesome infographic by Sysomos, this rivalry between Boston and St. Louis is picking up more steam than ever this year, and it’s thanks, in great part, to social media. Here are some factors contributing to the huge influx of fan interaction in social media over the 2013 World Series.

  1. Team engagement. Each of the teams has full social media engagement on lock-down: Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram are all part of the social media strategy being employed with the teams, and it’s paying off. With millions of mentions at the end of the day for each of the teams, they both come out as winners.
  2. Players in the game! But it’s not just the social media team fully involved—players are getting in on the action as well! According to the infographic, the Red Sox count on at least nine of their players on Twitter, while the Cardinals have seven. This does wonders for engagement and gets the crowds excited about interacting with the players.
  3. Fan interaction. And you better believe that there’s fan interaction in these parts. Jared Carrabis of Gammons Daily has even taken to the online publication with Twitter tips for fans on how to become more engaged in the social media conversation about the games.
  4. Creative hashtag pitching. We all know and love hashtags for what they say and what they represent, but we also forget that the purpose of the hashtags is creative engagement; this year’s World Series has done a great job of reminding us of that with creative tags such as #CardinalsNation, #RedSoxNation and #GetBeard on the list.
  5. The media on the bench. Adding to the excitement of the World Series social media frenzy is the bevy of media aces talking about the games in real time. From Peter Gammons of Gammons Daily and Keith Olbermann of TBS to Fox’s Erin Andrews and’s Jayson Stark, sports journalists and commentators have taken to the ‘Net to share the latest on this rivalry between the Red Sox and the Cardinals.

Who Wins the World Series of Internet?

The best part? In this social media baseball game, everybody wins. Social media in all forms is increasingly proving to be the most effective way for teams to engage with fans, and for fans to feel like more than just spectators but active participants and contributors in their respective team’s rivalry with the other. There are no losers at the end of this year’s World Series – only winners.


Here are some of the most popular hashtags around the 2013 World Series:

  • #WorldSeries
  • #WorldSeries2013
  • #WorldSeries13
  • #RedSox
  • #RedSoxNation
  • #Cardinals
  • #CardinalNation
  • #STLCards
  • #PostCards
  • #GetBeard
  • #MLB


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