Social Media as an Olympic Sport

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Social Media as an Olympic SportThanks to the London Summer Games, it’s hard not to get swept up in Olympic fervor. Every four years, thousands of athletes gather in the summer to compete for medals on behalf of their home country in an event steeped in history. Everywhere you turn, people are talking about it. And this year, that conversation extends to social media.

This relatively new form of communication has also swept the world and brought people together. Meld this to the Olympics, and you have some gold medal-worthy changes in how we get our news, and how we tell everyone we know about it—with or without spoiler alerts.

We decided to take this a (potentially goofy) step further: wouldn’t it be fun if social media was an Olympic sport? Can you imagine the different categories so-called social media experts and pundits could participate in?

The mind boggles. Ours certainly did. Here are some of our ideas:

Speed Tweeting on Twitter – How eloquent/snarky can you be in 140 or fewer characters?

Longest Facebook Timeline Jump – Go from the Jurassic period to present day without using a Tardis.

Social Media Decathlon– Compete on as many social media platforms as you can; highest Klout score wins.

Social Media Platform Diving – Unlike the real Olympics, biggest splash wins.

Facebook Sharing Relay – How far did that happy hour margarita photo reach?

Speed Friending on Facebook – How many can you add in 24 hours?

Javelin Job Throw on LinkedIn – Fill out your profile on LinkedIn and see how many new job offers come your way. The most job offers wins!

Pinathon on Pinterest – How many recipes have you cooked from Pinterest? How many DIY projects have you been inspired to craft from pins?

Foursquare Freestyle – How many check-ins can you accomplish in a single trip to Starbucks?

Synchronized Kitten Video Sharing on YouTube – First user to have 1000 views of their indescribably-cute kitten video wins.

Blogging Backstroke – Navigate the blogosphere through memes. How many can you post in a week? How many comments did your last post receive?

Instagram Archery – Point and shoot: you get the most points for photos of puppies and kittens, amazing sunsets and cute babies, all shot on the Lo-Fi filter. Score a bull’s-eye when you get all four elements in the same photo.

Greco-Roman Google+ Wrestling – Wait…what?

Just like Michael Scott’s Office Olympics on The Office, we double-dog dare you to hold a Social Media Olympics in your office (tape-delays prohibited). Let the games begin!

Which category would you win? Any category suggestions you’d like to add to our list?


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