Twitter Marketing: Twitter Courts Small Biz With New Ad Program

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Twitter Marketing by SavePhace

Twitter Marketing by SavePhace

There’s no time to get bored on Twitter; 140-character blasts aren’t conducive to stereotypical promotional spiels. It’s better to be concise and have fun, and that’s why the North Texas-based small business Save Phace has been the perfect candidate for Twitter marketing.

Save Phace makes customizable face masks for extreme sports enthusiasts. Its website, blog and social media platforms all have an on-the-edge, adrenaline-junkie vibe in their design. The company brings that same attitude to its monthly Twitter contests; Save Phace comes up with a new hashtag every month and asks followers to tweet using the tag or retweet what the company says. Every time followers do that, they are entered for a monthly drawing.

The resulting interaction has helped Save Phace nearly triple its Twitter followers in a short period of time. “It’s a good example of fan engagement – how to turn fans into customers,” says social media manager Jennifer Sokoloff (@SokoOnTheRadio on Twitter), who manages the Save Phace account. “It’s an easy platform to have fun on, which is what Save Phace is about. And the fact that we can geotarget is always a plus. We want to be talking about what our fans are talking about.”

Twitter wants to enable similar matchmaking for small businesses and its platform. The microblogging social network announced today that starting in March, it will partner with American Express to begin a new advertising initiative for small businesses based on its Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts programs.

“Successful small business owners intuitively know how to build meaningful relationships with their customers,” says the official Twitter blog. “They were the first to use Twitter to talk with consumers in real time, and their creativity demonstrated Twitter’s potential as a marketing platform. Today, some of the most effective marketing campaigns we see come from small, local, or Internet-only businesses.”

Precise details are forthcoming; for now Twitter says it simply wants to make it easier for businesses to advertise on its network. American Express card members and merchants in the U.S. get first crack at the new ad solution before others; the first 10,000 businesses to join up get $100 in free ads from the credit card company.

Are you a small business owner? Are you already using Twitter marketing in your social media strategy? Or are you a social media marketing professional with some Twitter experience? Please share some success stories with us in our Comments section.

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That’s it for this week. Please share any thoughts you may have trends in social media marketing in our Comments section. Have a relaxing weekend, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.

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