Social Media Weighs In On Iraq War’s End/Occupy Wall Street, And Stories You May Have Missed

Oct 21 • Front Page, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Twitter • 1290 Views

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A war ends, a protest movement continues, and social media plays a part in both.

I had every intention of blogging today about the role of social media in helping to organize the Occupy Wall Street movement around the U.S. But as I was checking out the #OWS hashtag on Twitter, I noticed two other Trending Topics rapidly moving up the chart: Iraq War and Mission Accomplished. And something called All US.

As in: All U.S. troops would be home from Iraq by the end of this year, as announced Friday afternoon by President Obama. The Iraq war will officially be over.

The reaction was already rolling in via Twitter, and it was mesmerizing to see the range of opinions there as the social network again became an instant op-ed megaphone for the famous and not-so-famous. Here”s one tweet that stood out to me, from the man who served as President George W. Bush”s press secretary:

I”m betting that Fleischer is getting calls from Sunday morning network news show producers as we speak. Of course, those producers now have to wedge in reaction to the Iraq announcement right next to the coverage they were planning of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

That movement has been characterized as loosely defined and organized, but whatever planning and structure it does have is courtesy of Twitter and Facebook. And no matter what your feelings are about these protestors or this movement, the fact that Occupy Wall Street now has the attention of mainstream media is a result of criticism first delivered via social networks that they were not giving the movement as much coverage as they did for the Tea Party two years ago.

Are you detecting a theme here? It”s about communications power concentrated in the hands of more people than ever thanks to social media; the power to share breaking news, share opinions on that news, share organizational methods around a common goal. It”s a power we talk about a lot here because those same social networks give consumers the strength to bend businesses and brands to their will. Evidence of that power is available every day in your favorite news feed.

As far as stories more directly related to social media marketing? We”ve got those too, all from the week”s news feeds:

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Boy, do we at Splash Media love this post by Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner. It”s an interview with Social Media Explorer founder Jason Falls, who”s written a new book with an unprintable title. Yet its theme, along with that of the interview, is that for businesses, customer engagement and conversations are all well and good, but they have to lead to an opportunity to make sales and impact bottom lines.

Two Bloggers Walk Into A Bar..

While you”re thinking up a punchline for that setup, consider author on how to skillfully inject humor into your blog.

It”s no joke: we”d love to hear your comments on the week”s top social media marketing stories. Please share with us if you feel so inclined, and have yourself a great weekend. We”ll see you back here Monday!

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