Social Media and Reality – Sometimes It’s Hard To Tell The Difference

Oct 20 • Front Page, Social Media • 1491 Views

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Social Media and Reality

Social Media and Reality

I’ve said many times that I wish people would take more advantage of all the information that is available on the Internet.  We waste our time on the same five or six sites each day, and never take full advantage of everything that is at our fingertips.  However, today when I started to really think about it, it’s almost scary how much information is actually out there.

My thoughts are sporadic – probably because I grew up in a generation that knows too much.  But before you think I’m being a narcissist, change the way you processed that and read that sentence again.  I don’t mean it like “we know more and are smarter than other generations” – not even close.  I meant it in the sense that we literally know too much for our own good.

Take Facebook for example.  You’d be lying if you told me you’ve never Facebook stalked someone.  When I befriend someone new I usually take a glance at their pictures, which is a good indication to me of the kind of person they are and what kind of lifestyle they lead.  Sometimes I look at a few pictures and get bored, other times I look at all 3,469 pictures – which is the scary part.

Why do I do it?  Why do you do it?  Am I just curious?  Do I want to see if they live a double life?  Do I want to see if they are hypocrites?  Do I want to know if they are a completely different person than the way they act around me?

In my mind, I don’t care at all.  But because the information is there, I look.  You look.  Everyone looks.  And if you’re one of the less than 1% of people that don’t, come visit my office and I’ll punch you for lying to me give you a cookie.

Why do we post all of our personal information on a variety of different social media platforms?  Why do we post ten thousand pictures online ranging from the time we passed out at the airport on New Year’s Day to the time we were bored at home watching The Notebook on a rainy Sunday afternoon? (Clearly I’m not talking about me.)  And moreover, why do people then have the gall to complain and say they’re worried that their identity is going to be stolen?  It’s ridiculous!

The reason my thoughts are sporadic is because I have so many brain cells filled with useless information that my good thoughts are too cluttered to see straight.  Whatever happened to reading books, watching classic movies, going for a walk, or just thinking?  Why do we spend endless hours updating and watching our Facebook feeds and Twitter pages hoping to see posts from our friends with information regarding what they’re doing and wondering why they didn’t invite us?

Is it because we feel tired?  Is it because we feel weak?  What happened to our world’s motivation to enrich our lives?  No wonder so many kids are diagnosed as having ADD, ADHD, depression, or other mental disorders that are probably caused in part by too much reality TV and detrimental Internet waste.

Social media is a great way to connect with friends, family members, clients, employees, and others, but it should in no way take up a majority amount of time in your life.  Unfortunately for many it does, and we’re all addicts who can’t even admit we have a problem.

Two words: stop caring. Live your life going full speed ahead and never look back.  In the end, what really matters to you – all those wasteful minutes you spent online, or wishing you could go back and do it all over?

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