Social Media Helpdesk: How Many Social Media Accounts Should I Have?

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How many social media accounts should I have?

“How many social media accounts should I have?”

Natalie Bidnick is a social media manager.

Focus on Quality over Quantity in Social Media for Businesses

As a social media professional, I frequently encounter clients who ask: “How many social media accounts should I have?”

It seems like there are new social media options every week, and businesses can be overwhelmed regarding their choices. But when it comes to effective social media for businesses, quality trumps quantity. It’s recommended that businesses should focus on four core social media avenues to maximize overall success:

•           Facebook: From a single university to 750 million members worldwide: Facebook today is so much more than the Facebook of seven years ago. People use Facebook to not only stay in touch with their friends, but also to check in to business locations, offer criticism and compliments, and spread the word about what products or brands to use. Businesses should take full advantage of Facebook’s company page option to inform their audiences  about sales, specials and announcements. Facebook is the perfect place to show the fun side of your company!

•           Twitter: Whether you know it or not, people are tweeting about your industry. Twitter provides excellent ways to not only search what users are saying, but also contribute a constant stream of content to your audience. It’s easy, fun, and essential for communicating to your core customer base.

•           LinkedIn: Professionals use LinkedIn to network for their careers, so it makes sense that businesses need a presence there. From engaging company employees to attracting qualified new hires, businesses of every shape and size need a place on the largest professional social network. LinkedIn also provides the added value of “groups,” or discussion forums, where your audiences can ask questions and further engage about your product or industry.

•           Blog: A company blog provides the best method for increasing your business SEO value. Blog content enables your company to shine as an industry expert and offers your customers a closer look into your mission and values. Splash Media recommends that all of your social media activities drive traffic to your blog. They attract audience, provide value with unique, dynamic content, and engage them in a more detailed way than other marketing methods. A blog also provides the perfect space to answer detailed, frequent questions from your customers and prospective customers.

The next time your company is tempted to sign up for the newest social networking site, remember to focus your efforts – and time – on these four core venues for social media marketing. A closer focus on fewer networks can give you better results.


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