Streamline your Social Media Marketing using clients!

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Social media marketing is one of the most rapidly expanding aspects of online marketing. The big stumbling block to businesses who want to advertize through social media, however, is the amount of time and work involved in logging into and using so many different accounts. Of course, the experts know better than to try and manage multiple usernames and passwords. Those in the marketing field increasingly link accounts together in profiles, so that action in one automatically triggers action in another. Failing that, they’ve made tools that allow them to send one message to multiple accounts.

Twitter’s site is a bit cumbersome for many, but tweets are appealing because they’re short, to the point, and it’s easy to link a Twitter account to feed into things like Facebook and LinkedIn. That’s why Twitter clients were created. They allow Twitter users to send tweets to multiple Twitter accounts at once, or even to multiple social networking sites at once.

We got together and thought of a few of our favorites.

TweetDeck : This is a great Twitter client that can make posts to Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, FaceBook, and a whole host of other social networking sites. TweetDeck will also allow users to log into multiple twitter accounts at once, and displays a feed of activity. Spam is rooted out, and there is even automatic URL shortening.

Seesmic : Seesmic is a great client that will access both Twitter and Facebook. In addition to URL shortening, Seesmic will also allow users to post pictures and videos, and will let you dictate image hosting accounts.

SocialToo : SocialToo has an autofollow feature that allows you to follow those who follow you, but filters out spam as well. There is also a way to make cross-network surveys using this program, which would be ideal for business owners searching for feedback on their products and services.

Twitterfox : For Firefox users, Twitterfox serves as a discreet notification tool that lets you keep in touch with your followers by showing you what they’re tweeting about. Not particularly robust, it’s still good as a realtime feed that you don’t have to exit your browser to see.

Tweet All About It : Ever run across a bit of text, and thought “This would be great to share with my clients!” Tweet All About It allows you to do that simply by highlighting the text, and right clicking it to send to your twitter account. The tools tells you your character limit too, if you’re using Firefox.

Of course, there are plenty of other Twitter clients out there. Some, like Event Box, or Tweetie are especially for Mac computers. Just find a client that meets your needs best, and you’re ready to go! In a survey by LifeHacker, TweetDeck scored the highest as a favorite Twitter Client, so you may want to save some time and try it out first. Happy Tweeting!


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